A Virtual repository of information on the, Husky Hunter Series of Computers.

With an 8088 CPU the Hunter 16 is ( almost ) an XT class computer.

The Hunter 16 used a standard(ish) version of MSDOS 3.3. If I try the 'VER' command
on my '16' it says MS-DOS Version 3.30

The Ram Drive has a protected C:/DOS directory created after booting the 16 from a warm or cold reboot.

Some of the utilities one would expect to allow hard drive setup are ommitted in this version
of DOS. But then the Hunter 16 does not have a hard drive to start with. Its all held in ROM
and static Ram Disk.

The Husky Hunter 16 still used a 40 X 8 virtual window
on a full size 80 x 25 screen, in native mode. Although a 60 x 10 line mode is availble
via the setup screen, using a char size of 6x4 pixels, and is mostly usable.
Although some judicious use of the arrow keys is still required to scroll around the screen.

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