A Virtual repository of information on the, Husky Hunter Series of Computers.

General Facts about the Husky Hunter Range.

Many owners of a Second User Husky Hunter find that it wont go.

If it wont boot or acts dead.
Fear not try this first !

The internal Ram Store is battery backed, a small internaly mounted battery feeds this store to
maintain the data and stored software. This is a very reliable mechanism, but if the main battery
goes flat, then eventually the backup battery will also fail, as it is fed from the main battery supply

A good backup battery will keep an unused machines data safe for over a year ( well it did for me, anyway )
However waking up a very tired Husky may require the fitting of a good set of batteries, or even an external
supply and leaving the machine to trickle charge the backup battery for at least a couple of hours, or even overnight.

If your machine ' Still Wont Play ' then you may have to open the case ( Warning ! its well built and uses Torx
screws to secure the back cover ). If upon opening you find the internal battery had leaked and the printed circuit
is damaged, your Husky Hunter may be permanently DEAD, but I have known machines that have spring back to life after a
a very careful cleanup and a replacment battery fitted. Do not skimp on the quality of this replacement battery, after all
it is the security of your future data.

The other problem which is common after a very long sleep of several years, is partial corruption of the data, the only cure
here is to backup what you can and if a format utility is availiable use it and reboot the machine.
( But you did use HCOM to make a valid BACKUP of your data before this happened ? Did'nt You ? )
OOooo ERRrrrrr !! ( Neither did I )

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