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The Husky Hunter 2 Mains PSU

When I was given my first Hunter 2, I was very lucky as I was given a mains PSU/Charger as well.

As I only have the one PSU and several Hunter 2's . there was a need to understand what was ' in the box '.
The PSU is marked as 6volt - 65 m/a output.
The details below show what was found, some components were not identified as the psu would have to destroyed to
find out more.

Temp Sensor = ??????
Transformer 250v in 6.5 volt ac out
Diode bridge = 4 x IN4001
Regulator = 7808 ( on heatsink )
Tr1 PNP transistor, type unknown
24 ohm = 2 x 12 ohm ( ? watts Ceramic )
Led 1 ( green led ) only lights when power bieng drawn from Psu.
1,000 uf smoothing capacitor
Misc =
2 x 750 ohms
2 x .01 decoupling capacitors

The plug fitted to the end of the lead is a micro 4 pin plug, made by LEMO
the keying on the plug body is marked with a red dot at the top

Socket Pinouts on the Husky are here

' A ' = Earth
' C ' = Power

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