A Virtual repository of information on the, Husky Hunter Series of Computers.

The Husky Hunter 16

After the Early DVW/Husky products such as the Hunter 1 and the Hunter 2, and the not so ruggedised Hawk came along,
eventualy computing power moved on and the product followed the PC compatible path !

Enter the Husky Hunter Sixteen

A simple XT format, based on the proven 40x80 LCD screen, with a second serial port and an ? intelligent ?
charger system was the result.

My biggest problem when this machine arrived was getting it going at all, at least I knew that the internal battery had to charge from whatever power source the machine had. So fitting a new set of 4 x AA bats and leaving
the machine overnight resulted in the machine booting for the first time the following morning.

Whew !

Using what I had learned from my Hunter 2, I suspected that most of the controls were hidden in keyboard shortcuts.
So searching the internet I again found very little info on the net about these machines.

The basic looked very standard, for an XT machine, the original Hunter 2 had needed a fudge to expose its Basic command
set, but this machine followed the GWBASIC set and as such the graphics showed the capabilities very quickly.

As usual these machines are produced for specific customers, so keyboard layouts and sometimes key tops do very different
things to what you expect. Eventually a picture found on the internet gave me the correct keyboard layout, at last I was
able to do a CTRL+ALT+DEL and get the machine to reboot

Progress !

Using HCOM I backed the machine up!
Now at least I could risk the format command and set an autoexec.bat file which set the EMS as I wanted

The bios level for my machine is 2.6 ( yours may vary ) The following table of keyboard shortcuts was written out from my experiences
above and with help from the Husky Hunter user group at Yahoo !

SPECIAL KEYSTROKES FOUND SO FAR ! = (Paw Key) = (-) @ lower right ( on my keyboard )

(Paw Key) and R or C increase or decrease backlight !
(Paw Key) and X or E increase or decrease LCD screen contrast !
(Paw Key) and H  = Screen / Keyboard / power settings. 
(Paw Key) and M  = Graphic view of full screen ( 80 x 25 ) 
(Paw Key) and L  = Backlight on/off toggle
(Paw Key) and S  = Sounder on/off toggle
(Paw Key) and 9  = Scroll lock toggle
(Paw Key) and F1 = retype single char.
(Paw Key) and F3 = Dos line retype . 
(Paw Key) and F5 = @(cr) . 
(Paw Key) and F6 = ctrl + Z
(Paw Key) and F7 = ctrl + @


Under Gwbasic :- (Paw) and F(1) to (9) and (0) =
 F(1) = LIST  
 F(2) = RUN(CR) 
 F(3) = LOAD" 
 F(4) = SAVE" 
 F(5) = CONT(CR) 
 F(6) = "LPT1:"  
 F(7) = TRON(CR) 
 F(8) = TROFF(CR) 
 F(9) = KEY 
 F(0) = SCREEN 0,0,0 (CR)

For other settings use UTIL.COM (v1.7)= 
Set up for Time, Date, Floppy(A?)(B?) , Format C:(D:), Com1 and Com2(?) settings    

Please note my machine is not Y2K compliant ( wont rollover the year 1999 to 2000 barrier )
So I use the standard fudge of using the last valid years in the 20th centuary as alternatives,
so 2008 = 1997 to get the right day of the week in basic and applications. 
( I am told that later versions of the bios have solved this problem )
This is actually quite a common problem and TSR's do exist to correct dates on old PC's !

As I am still getting used to this machine and more info will be added as I discover more about the capabilities.
However peripheral devices are hard to come by, but a project page is bieng set up to show what can be done with
the basic machine

So far I have attached a Tandy Portable Disk Drive to the serial port and it Talks RS323 to the Hunter
Please note no driver code available, so thats the first project !

I am also experimenting in another expansion option, but I need to find out a lot more about this machine and
its Bios code first ! More chatting to the user group will follow, So pop back and visit from time to time.

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