A Virtual repository of information on the, Husky Hunter Series of Computers.

' What's DEMOS ? '

The DEMOS operating system (for Disk EMulation Operating System)

Was a very compatible extended version of CP/M 2.2.
All standard CP/M software - WordStar, CalcStar, Mbasic... - ran without problems.
To overcome standard CP/M 80 column screen output, Husky used a 40 X 8 virtual window
on a full size 80 x 25 screen.

( Judicious use of the arrow keys allows scrolling around the screen. )

Versions seen are:-
DEMOS 2.21 9G08h V4
DEMOS 2.21 9G08h V6

The following commands seem to be built in to the (Console Command Prossesor) on these Versions:-

Dir = File Directory listing.
Stat = Limited File statistics.
Inp = Recieve file from RS232.
Save = Store Area to filename.
Type = List file on screen.
Ren = newname.ext = oldname.ext
Send = Transmit file to RS232.
Keys = Toggle keys Labels.
Format ( use with extreme caution )

The following are Transient Commands, all restored from Rom after a format:-
Note you will loose all stored data on the built in RAM DISK !

Bas = Run Basic ( Hunter Basic Interpreter )
Coms = Run Communication setup utility
Clck = Date and Time Setting
Term = Enter terminal mode ( to talk to Hcom on the PC )
Edit = Invoke built in screen editor.

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