A Virtual repository of information on the, Husky Hunter Series of Computers.

The ports on the case.

First lets address the big issue here, whatever I have placed here your Machine may be very different !

The reason is simple most Husky Hunters ( and other Husky products were made in batches for differnt clients ).
The result is that keyboard layouts differ, connectors on cases may differ, however in most instances this was to
. stop the users plugging the wrong device into the wrong port on a Hunter.

This page is an attempt to allow you to see what your machine has fitted.
Below is a reference picture of a Hunter for us to start to work out what you have fitted !

The power Connector on Hunter 1, 2 and some 16's
Also supports a Bar code Wand Via the Single bit input port !

The Com2 port Connector on Hunter 16's only.

The power Connector on some Hunte 16's

The Hawk does not follow this format, below is a Hawk port layout !



Expansion Port ( Sidebox connector )

Power Connector

Note the Hawk only has a single rechargable battery pack ( ref E-2821-0009 ) fitted, if this
battery fails then data corruption or loss will occur, as no separate backup battery is used.

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